Canada's Psychosis

Canada is a-tingle, it's in every conversation, often 1st up. At 4:40pst, with 85% of Canadian TV's tuned in, the puck will drop. Though nobody goes home, it's still the preliminary round, beating the 'evil empire', having bragging rights, is still a central part of Canada's Psychosis.

It's another bright sunny day here in greater Vancouver, it'll be well over 15C by game time, but shades will be closed, beers will be emptied, flags will be waved. At the game itself rabid fans will have the place jumping. Those damn mittens will be everywhere in homes, bars and at the game.

Either way, the sun will rise tomorrow, the robins will still chirp, the worms will still wiggle, but for a few hours time will stop in fair Canuckistan as her mythical heroes take on the US Goliath.