Micro Finance - Take Direct Action Through Kiva

With a couple clicks, you can find someone like Agatha Kubena, a tailor from Dodoma, Tanzania, who received business training from VEF. Kubena is disabled, and wants to buy a sewing machine and the fabric necessary to make traditional African garments so that people in her community won't have to purchase foreign clothes. Like many of the personal accounts on Kiva, Kubena's experience will resonate with people everywhere who are struggling just to get by. As Flannery said, "I find the loan is often just a means of connecting to another person."

Fortunately Kiva's online micro finance setup has become a huge success. Please check this out, I’ve read about micro-loans before and how they can make a huge difference in 3rd world family's living conditions. but this is the first time I’ve run into such a neat way for individuals to take direct action towards this goal in a way that’s easily scalable to each’s own financial abilities.