Obama, the silver tongued devil

Stopped watching W's speeches years ago because i knew he and that asshole Cheney would do exactly what they said they'd do and it was just to damn depressing to watch him say so. Stopped watching Obama's speeches more recently for exactly the opposite reason. Obama always sounds great, but what's equally depressing is that no matter what he says, he won't do it. Bush Co. and the rightwing nuts had ideals, i totally disagree with all of them, but they had 'em then and still do. Obama's got ideas, he's got a great smile, a convincing cadence and zero ideals. Ideas are easily compromised, ideals aren't.

Surely last night Obama's speech writers and poll watchers had him pivot away from the terrible health plan and onto jobs and middle class vote buying schemes. But like all his speeches it's meaningless. Actions, i was taught long ago, speek louder than words. He'll talk the talk but he won't walk the walk.

Back when W was in charge it was easy to see where the enemy stood, directly in front of you. But now that we have the silver tongued devil it's way harder to see where the enemy stands. It's much easier, more secure, to have your enemy directly in front of you than at your back.

I watched the Toronto Raptors beat the Miami Heat and takeover 5th spot in the East, that's a change i can believe in.