Mud, Madness and the Vancouver Olympics

Cypress is a mud bowl. VANOC is trucking in 1000lb bales of hay and covering it with a few inches of snow that has been airlifted by chopper to cover them. Huge snow cats and deisel machinery are trying to move snow from the high alpine down to the venues. What does all this madness cost? VANOC refuses to publish any cost$, including those to battle the Mud on Cypress. They figure that the outcry from the citizens over the true monetary cost$ would damage the unsllied image of the event and focus the gaze of the world's press on the protests and maybe even the non-monitary costs this godzilla like event is generating.

How much climate changing emmissions is all this moving of snow costing us? How much more will farmers have to pay for feed now that so many tons of it are being wasted as fake snow? We won't know until it's over, until it's time to payup for the billionaires binge.

The real cost of this madness will never be known. Today VANOC ordered the closure of more streets in downtown Vancouver which means more cars circling, more fuel wasted, more carbon costs accrued, more small business loses, more unaccounted costs. This is nothing compared to the nightmare downtown will be in two weeks when the well heeled actually start arriving. Small retail businesses and restaurants who employ thousands might as well lock the doors there'll be no parking, no customers, no nada. Big business, big hotels, big everything will make huge profits from their grossly inflated prices.

Who'll pay for this two week binge? Guess. Already, even before the body blow to come from our debt ridden governments is thrown, the spin has started and so have the cutbacks. Cutbacks to schools and specal needs kids, cutbacks to health services, increased regressive taxes on the floks who could't afford tickets to the big show anyway. In the Olympic zone the rich rule and the rest drool.

You can cover the Mud with hay,
but it ain't going away.
The Mud will rise up to devour the hay,
the many will rise up and have their say,
one day.