Christian Wrestling

CNN ran a bit yesterday likening Canada to a 'retarded' family member that you patronize at family functions, and maybe that's right.

Afterall look how far we lag behind in Canada on key issues like science cirriculum in schools. While 55% of our US ‘cousins’ [67% of republicans] already believe that intelligent design should be taught in school, we retarded Canadians still allow our kids to wallow in a system that teaches evolution, that regards repeatable experimental evidence as superior to divine inspiration, how backward eh.

In sport too it seems we’re being left behind by the superior US mindset. Up here retarded canucks still vote hockey as #1, still pile into the nation's living rooms and bars to collectively cheer our heroes on Hockey Night in Canada. While down south in the US the fastest growing sport is Christian Wrestling [no shit]. Check it out, a simple Google search returned 1,2000,000 pages on it this AM.

Come on Canada, get with it, we should be learning from our amerikan cousins, eh!