Hillary's Super PACs are Losing Ground to Bernie's Millions of Young and Independent Supporters

Hillary Clinton’s backers are the Wall Street big bankers, huge wealthy interests, corporate powerful institutions in the US and the military-industrial complex. Hillary's super PAC [political action comity] rakes in multi millions from the Bankers and Billionaires' Club, while, as Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs says,  "Bernie doesn’t want billionaires' money, he doesn’t have a super PAC. He believes you can’t fix a rigged economy by taking part in the corrupt campaign finance system in which politicians take unlimited sums of money from Wall Street and other powerful special interests and then pretend it doesn’t influence them." Bernie, instead, raises his money from millions of small donations [average contribution -$27]

Hillary has the 1%, Bernie has the 99% [whoever invented this simple, revolutionary meme is a genius]. Why? Bernie isn't polished or pretty, but, he's speaking the truth and the 1% fears him. While much of Bernie's success has been attributed to his strong support among young voters [according to CNN's entrance poll, Sanders beat Clinton among Iowa voters age 18 to 29 by 70 points], Salon's David Dayen pointed yesterday that to the "large contingent of progressives, with a perspective typically excluded from the traditional media who, by-and-large, are against war, big banks, and corporate-controlled politics, and in favor of Social Security, equal rights, and government regulations, saying: "If Sanders wasn’t the standard-bearer for [these ideals], it would have been someone else. Because we’re seeing an actual debate over not means but ends."

Bernie's truth is reverberating across America because: "It’s grass roots politics, it is progressive democratic organizing, it is from the bottom up, it is a progressive kind of populism that I think we need a lot more of, which is people’s willingness to say that money should not buy elections, should not buy the White House. So, it really is an example of ‘people’s power’ to organize from the bottom up. A lot of small donations are not dependent on the big donors at all. And it is quite a contrast to the usual pathway to the White House. And certainly a sharp contrast with Hillary Clinton." - Norman Solomon:

Tonight's town hall meeting in New Hampshire between Bernie and Hillary on CNN could be a barn burner. Sanders leads Clinton by 33 points among registered Democrats in the University of Massachusetts-Lowell/7 News survey released today. He takes 63 percent in the Granite State, contrasted with 30 percent for Clinton in results unchanged from the pollsters' previous survey. i expect to see Hillary attack Bernie's aspirational ideas as impossible to accomplish. i expect Bernie to counter that his overwhelming support among both young and independent supporters is exactly the recipe for the large scale change in the makeup of Congress that progressive Americans yearn for.

Next stop on the rolling revolution tour after New Hampshire is Nevada where the poll numbers are changing fast as Latinos turn away from Hillary after her 'Hispandering' ads created a huge backlash on social media. Twitter users can check out #NotMyAbuela (or #NotMiAbuela) to follow the action.

Just 4 days after Nevada comes South Carolina, the state Hillary claims is her 'firewall'. But the African American community there, that Hillary is counting on, is up in arms about the Clinton campaign ad that had a Twitter logo with Rosa Parks sitting at the back of the logo. It also had the audacity to travel back in time and get the endorsement of legendary Rosa Parks [who died over 10 years ago], as a Daily Beast article titled 'Hillary Clinton's Tone-Deaf Racial Pandering' explains

Meanwhile Hillary's lead nationally has shrunk from 20 points Jan 1st to just 7 points now.