Canadian Special Forces and the Kurds They Train, Being Shelled by NATO Member Turkey in N. Syria

Two very important and dangerous stories arose in this morning's breaking news out of Syria in every mainstream media outlet around the world not under the thumb of the US empire and its vassal states. First, the Turkish military overnight began shelling Kurdish targets along the feeder routes into Aleppo in northern Syria. The positions that the Turks are shelling should be of special interest to Canadians because these positions are being held by the same Kurdish peshmerga fighters that Canadian Special Forces trainers are embedded on the ground with. Consequently the Canadians are today under fire in and around Azaz along with the Kurds they are there to train.

Aleppo, Syria's largest city, is held by the Al Qaeda affililiated Al-Nusra Front but is nearly surrounded by Syrian troops and Hezbollah fighters supported by Russia's air bombardment. Azaz sits at an important junction in the road network between the Turkish border and Aleppo. Why would Turkey, a NATO member and supposed ally of the US and Canada in their fight against ISIS, be shelling the Kurds who are the only forces on the ground with the cajones to actually fight ISIS and/or Al-Nusra? The answer, like the whole war in Syria is confusing, complicated and purposely made misleading by the western power's propaganda campaigns...including Canada.

The second story says that Saudi Arabian jets are in the process of moving into the Turkish airbase that the US uses near the Syrian and Iraq borders. The Saudis, like the Turks claim to be allies of Canada and the US but in reality have their own agenda.

Turkey, as an independent Norwegian report concluded: "Exports happen in a well-established black market via Turkey...Many of the smugglers and corrupt border guards, who helped Saddam Hussein avoid international sanctions, are now helping ISIS export oil and import cash." Even Israeli defense minister said a few days ago that ISIS funded with ‘Turkish money’. The reality is that Turkey's autocratic ruler Erdogan’s Kurd priority is driving this frenzy of preparations by Turkey to invade Syria and "annihilate" the Syrian Kurds.

The Saudis, a top level US vassal state - who the Canadians are set to fulfill the largest weapon sales deal in their history with - along with their Gulf state sub-vassals are also threatening to invade Syria. If Turkey and Saudi Arabia invade Syria, they’ll be supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups against Assad – complicit with Washington, wanting Western-controlled puppet governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence. Syria too has powerful allies - Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and China. The invasion of Syria by the Turks and Saudis could ignite World War III.

Canada has put itself right in the middle of the situation. At the same time Canada is training the Kurds, who the US also supports, while the Turks unequivocally call the Kurds terrorists. At the same time that Canada is arming the Sunni fundamentalist Saudis they are committing to being on the front lines assisting the Shia Kurds. The Saudis, whose Wahhabist ideology is the root cause of terrorism, are at war with the Shia.

The Canadians on the ground in Syraq have been put in a very dangerous situation by the Canadian government's inability to tell the rest of us Canadians the truth...the U.S. is prepared for military solution against Islamic State in Syria. This global war will be initiated by the vassals in the name of ousting Assad in Syria but its real aim is to use the Sunni/Shia divide as a wedge to enhance America's military position and to tighten its grip on the world's finances through its petrodollar hegemony.

If there is a good guy in this, it's the Kurds. By intelligent maneuver, blind luck or a bit of both, Canada has found itself both smack dab in the middle of what could easily turn into the Armageddon uber-right wing evangelicals see as their Rapture defining stairway to an eternity with their imaginary god. Lucky Canada eh!