TPP - the Toilet Paper Plan - Designed by the Corporations to Wipe Out Inconvenient Democracy

Today's announcement that the TPP - The Toilet Paper Plan that has been carefully planned to end democracy - has been a-greed to will be regurgitated by the MSM and the government stooges captured by corporate money won't mention is the worst aspect of the deal - the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision - which permits multinational corporations to sue governments over allegations that their imaginary profits were lost due to local regulations, for instance those that protect the environment from the destruction caused by the myth of endless growth and endless greed.

Like all 'free trade' agreements designed by the multinational corporations and agreed to by our captured governments in secret, the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision, permits multinational companies to sue governments over allegations that profits were lost due to local regulations. The main objective being that these criminal agreements allow governments, including Canada's, to bypass all the messy, inconvenient rights FNs and others have and until now allowed to those right's holders to challenge the bastards in court. Here's the best explanation i've read of how and the ISDS provision, id adopted, will be the end of democracy.

As Ellen Brown says, "the ISDS gives foreign firms a special right to apply to a secretive tribunal of highly paid corporate lawyers for compensation whenever the government passes a law … that [negatively impacts] corporate profits — such things as discouraging smoking, protecting the environment or preventing nuclear catastrophe."

The battle to stop the TPP isn't over yet, yesterday Tom Mulcair, leader of Canada's official opposition party the NDP, seemed to find his legs when he railed against the harm he sees to Canada's economy posed by the TPP [though no mention was ever made of the ISDS] and vowed to not be bound by it if elected in the election in 2+ weeks.

Harper will do anything and everything to serve his masters and benefactors including undermining the ability of future governments as Murray Dobbin article about how the 'Poison pill' strategy ties hands of future governments explains. Will Mulcair and/or Truteau ever actually stand up on their hind legs and 'just say no' to the corporate NWO wet dream that the TPP is so much a part of? Who knows. But no law, no treaty, no contract is absolute. If/when a truly revolutionary government comes into being they will throw out the immoral traitors and their concentration camp laws just as those who overthrew colonial rule did [and are still doing].