ABC and Strategic Voting Set to Determine the Outcome of Canada's Oct. 19th Election

The number one thing all of the polls and prognosticators agree on is the at least 2 out of every 3 Canadian wants Harper defeated. Even the meaningless day by day national horce polls show the same picture. But...because of Canada's antiquated first past the post voting system [still used in only the US, UK and Canada in the 'developed' world] Harper sits today, 17 days before the vote, on the verge of 'victory' and Canada sits on the verge of being openly acknowledged as a faux democracy.

But there are still many routes to seeing Harper's exit. In many ridings across the country. According to even the Globe and Mail "there are dozens of ridings across Canada where the ABHers will determine the outcome." ABH = Anybody but Harper. Another prominent and power group of veterans who disagree with Harper's policies is rallying under the banner "Anyone But Conservatives -- Canadian Veterans Campaign 2015.

Vote ABC is cutting into Harper's base in many areas. The organization is asking Canadians to vote for any alternative to the current government, citing Conservative decisions such as replacing lifetime pensions for injured vets with lump-sum payments, cutting 900 jobs from Veterans Affairs Canada since 2006, and closing offices around the country saying: "[The Conservatives] saved $3.9 million by closing nine Veteran Affairs offices while having the gall to spend $4.5 million for Hockey Night in Canada TV ads to tell Canadians how great a job they are doing to help veterans." Many veterans have declared war on Harper.

For those who need reminding, Robyn Smith's 'The Harper Abuse of Power Compendium' is a can't miss election read. It covers seventy scams, smears and stings. For example, did you know the Harper government was the first in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament? Or that the Conservative party has violated elections laws or ethics at least 17 times? Or that Harper's team defied a court order demanding it share info how tax money is spent, denying it to Canada's independent budget watchdog 170 times? Or that the Conservatives outraged the Canadians Taxpayers Association and others by spending some $750 million in public money on partisan ads to promote their own party?

The stage is set, the tension of this weird balance is mounting, it appears that the question of whether voters in the critical swing ridings will vote with their brains for the best possible anti-Harper candidate or not will the deciding factor.

There has been though in the last couple of weeks a crack in the neck to neck to neck numbers and the NDP has chosen to lead from the rear [preferring the view of the horse race from there]. If this momentum in preference for Trudeau and the Liberals continues for another week or so i hope and expect to see Trudeau pushing his 'legalize it' stance loud and proud because legal marijuana could bring out a big youth vote for him plus it distinguishes the Liberals from the NDP's wishy-washy stance on this and provides a positive economic benefit that Trudeau hasn't yet taken much advantage of.

i'm still predicting a Liberal Minority govt. on Oct 20th and that that outcome will happen because the Cannabis question combined with the strategic votes of Canadians will carry the day.