Syriza’s Victory Reminds Anti-Capitalists Everywhere That There Is 'Another Way'

Congratulations follow jubilation from 'the street' everywhere

This morning Alex Tsipras' first acts after being sworn in are very encouraging: In his first act as PM Tsipras visited the Kaisariani rifle range where Nazis executed 200 Greeks on 1 May 1944. followed shortly after by his first meeting with a foreign ambassador with Russia's Andrey Maslov. The economic clout of Russia and the other BRICS nations give Syriza the time and space it needs to make decisions and take action, as the Yanquis love to say, at "a time and place of their choosing".

"The biggest nightmare for the eurocrats would be if Greece left the Euro, and even the entire union, and became a success story. A resurgent Greece, freed from the shackles of Merkelism, starting to prosper, would serve as a beacon for other put upon nations." - RT As of this morning Germany is still demanding that the new Greek gov.  obey the troika's dictates but their words ring more hollow by the minute.

Hollow because Merkel and her fellow euro power-brokers are now faced with an winnable dilemma. Giving in to Tsipras would risk a political tsunami of radical European leftists standing firm could lead to a Greek exit and not giving in would probably mean others following them out the door.

Hollow and hypocritical too considering that "Germany’s 'economic miracle' (or wirtschaftswunder), which saw the defeated country rebuild its shattered infrastructure to become a world-beating industrial powerhouse, was made possible by a deal struck in London in 1953, which saw half of the debts it owed to the rest of the world written off. Crucially, it was made a condition of the deal that West Germany would only have to make repayments when it was running a trade surplus: in other words, when it had earned the money to pay up, rather than having to borrow more, or dip into its foreign currency reserves. Its repayments were also limited to 3% of export earnings." - The Guardian

Greece's leap opens the door for Spain, Italy and Ireland to follow Iceland's example. Iceland forced the international banking bullies to take heavy losses and has since seen its economy bounce back strongly.

As Iglesias of Podemos' said in his Athens speech a few days ago: "What we have ahead of us is not going to be an easy road. We first have to win the elections—and only afterwards will the real difficulties begin." The fist domino has fallen and behind the scenes the 'talks' will have already started. Surely the pressure on Syriza to capitulate and accept some type of meaningless window dressing has already begun and will only intensify. Which is where Russia and BRICS come in. Greece has options, so does the rest of Europe, so does the rest of the world.

We all face the same enemy - The Bankers and Billionaire's Club - They, like the elites throughout history, will not voluntarily give up the wealth and power. Syriza’s victory serves to reminds anti-capitalists everywhere that there is 'Another Way' to see the world. A way where the tools of tyranny - money, debt and the delusion of democracy - defer to a new form of government: dromocracy, from the Greek word "dromos," meaning the street.