'GO Syriza Go' Win the Elections, Build a New Platform, a New Cooperative Solution to Follow

Syriza supporters rally in Athens

With only hours to go before the polls open in Greece where almost everyone stopped paying their taxes entirely in advance of the elections, where the banks run out of cash daily, where the "eurozone may still look great from the top of a Swiss mountain; but it looks terrible from the foot of the Acropolis" - Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The verdict is in, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, hardly a revolutionary, says it, Award winning author Mark Weisbrot shouts it. Greece was not nearly this poor before it joined the EU. A return to normal for Greeks means they must declare themselves bankrupt, leave the eurozone, re-establish their own currency and devalue.

Volunteer run soup kitchens abound in Greece

The good news is that Greece is already living the model that is going to save it  "it’s a whole new model – and it’s working", says The Guardian. In response to the immediate economic crisis Greeks have setup citizen-run health clinics, food centers, kitchens and legal aid hubs have sprung up to fill the gaps left by austerity, and now look set to play a bigger role under a Syriza government. A Syriza-government can serve as an example and a platform for the social change across Europe and beyond.

Maria Paravantes evoked Pandora in her piece, no not the tall green people, "The Greek myth of Pandora (her name meaning 'of all gifts') probably best describes the Greeks' current predicament. Greece, much like the maiden Pandora, is all gifted. Located in one of the world's most geographically strategic locations, with endless miles of coastline, hundreds of islands, majestic mountains, with a mild climate all year round, boasting one of the world's healthiest diets and home to a fresh, educated and diligent workforce, Greece has it all."
"And yet, like Pandora, all is never enough. So she opens the box (or jar) and releases all wickedness onto the world. Well, the evil has already taken its toll, its time now for the last item in the box to emerge... hope, if not for a better future at least for a different one."

Syriza gives me hope here in Blackpoint, 9 time zones away. Regardless of the outcome, we already can see that in Greece hope has turned into action, The people haven't waited for it, they've made their dreams come true...we can too. GO Syriza Go'