Why An Independent Ukraine Would Have No Obligation to Comply With or Repay the IMF Loans

President of Equador, Rapfael Correa's message to the IMF-World Bank

Every morning my Inbox has an array of interesting ideas. Today's most thought provoking was from a reader who sent me an op-ed from RT that he/she said sounded almost exactly like something The Mud Report said yesterday. the piece by Charlie McGrath, founder of  Wide Awake News is titled, 'Ukraine must solve crisis itself to avoid bloodshed, IMF debt slavery' sure sounds like something i'd say. "Mediation won’t resolve the crisis in Ukraine, as all international players have their own interests there." Charlie told RT, adding, “I just don’t think that this is going to end any way other than the people of Ukraine taking control of their own land and electing their own government.”

"What Washington really wants is to implement austerity on Ukraine, as it keeps dangling this carrot of foreign aid before the coup-imposed authorities in Kiev." Charlie said. "If financial support from the IMF arrives in Ukraine, it will only help the banks - turning the population into nothing more than debt slaves, like we’ve seen in other nations throughout Europe.”

There it was again - debt slavery' the term kept rolling over in the space between my ears. Some time ago i wrote that 'Calling Over-Consumers Debt Slaves is an Insult to Slaves - They're Addicts and Need Medical Intervention', which argues that over-consumption and uncontrollable consumer debt are addictions in that they follow the same behavioral sequence as any other addictions.

But that was about individual consumers not about populations ruled by the self-interested and corrupt. Individual consumers have free will, they can 'just say no' to whatever endorphin boosting bling that the debt dealers are dangling in front of their noses. Individuals in powerful government positions are just as prone to the carrot dangling as any other except that the debt they agree to must be paid off by the pain and sweat of others.

Ukraine, like Greece, Spain, Italy etc., accepted the first carrots because they wanted a free lunch, they knew that sustainable development is a slow process that offers very little bling. The IMF carrot gives the governments cash but inevitably a large portion turns into pocket money for the leaders who like Yanukovych quickly learned to love the accrued 'benefits' of his position. One loan leads to another as the twin tolls of interest and corruption take their bite each time the economy turns over.

Who pays? The people pay of course. Once the debt dealers don't get paid their due on the the first loan they require certain conditions be met before the next and the next are granted. Those conditions always bite the ass of the people, never the ass of the plutocrats who've signed the papers.

Debt is the worst four letter word, but there are different kinds of debt. There's the kind you, as the debt addict, are responsible for yourself, consumer debt. Then there's the kind that imposed on you by the corrupt international government and banking system under which you become a indentured servant, a debt slave.

With this type, the involuntary debt slave type, individuals or credible governments have no obligation to repay. Rapfael Correa's message to the IMF-World Bank [picture at top] graphically illustrates that he, as an Phd. in Economics, understands that Equador's people have been screwed by the banksters and corrupt politicians. Correa has chosen the middle finger path, as a consequence he's been denounced by the vampire capitalists but not by the Equadorians who love him.

If Ukraine's current unelected rightwing rulers installed by the Empire do the dirty work of agreeing to the IMF noose the people of Ukraine have zero obligation to repay loans or comply with the IMF conditions. The Yats regime in Keiv has no credibility inside of Ukraine let alone outside of it. Neither does the governments of Greece, Spain, Italy or any other who've taken the IMF's dangled carrots. In time all of indebted slaves of corrupt shock doctery will find a way to take back control of their governments and their futures. When they do, their credible leaders will join Rapfael Correa and tell the US-EU-IMF criminals "Go Fuck Yourselves!" too. And what a wonderful world that will be.