Corporate MSM's Hollow Propaganda Shows that Western Capitalism Fears the Russian Bear

As Robert Parry's excellent article, 'Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass', says, "In my four-plus decades in journalism, I have never seen a more thoroughly biased and misleading performance by the major U.S. news media. But there is something utterly Orwellian in the current coverage of the Ukraine crisis, including accusing others of  'propaganda' when their accounts - though surely not perfect - are much more honest and more accurate than what the U.S. press corps has been producing." The same is true up here in Canuckistan and across the capitalist dominated world.

Parry goes on to say, "The neo-Nazis themselves have pretty much disappeared from Official Washington’s narrative, which now usually recounts the coup as simply a case of months of protests followed by Yanukovych’s decision to flee. Only occasionally, often inserted deep in news articles with the context removed, can you find admissions of how the neo-Nazis spearheaded the coup."

Counter-culture and alternative news sources paint a far different picture than the MSM in the west. Whether it's Ukraine, or Venezuela, GMOs or stock markets, socialists under the bed or the 'security' state, opponents of the corporate culture are labeled 'terrorists', And, we all know what happens to 'terrorists'.

The jihadists have either lost their luster or the whole issue has become to damned confusing. After all it's almost impossible to know where to hang the white hats or the black hats anymore. These days the terrorist title has been awarded by the western MSM propaganda machine to that old favorite the black hat wearing Russian Bear.

Today's article by Parry, 'Prepping for a Ukrainian Massacre', is about how the propaganda machine is now setting the stage for what could be a massacre of Ukrainian civilians who have risen up against the putschists, spearheaded by neo-Nazi militias, who seized control of Ukraine in a coup that overthrew Yanukovych.

The propaganda machine here everyday trumpets how the evil-doers have illegally occupied dozens on government buildings in Eastern Ukraine but never remember to mention that neo-Nazis who seized government buildings in February still hold some of them. Our MSM runs images everyday of armed, masked pro-Russian demonstrators but never shows the equally well armed and masked ultra-nationalists who remain behind the Maiden barricades to this day. Parry adds, "If the slaughter of the eastern Ukrainian protesters does come, you can expect Official Washington to be supportive."

The reason that the corporate owned MSM sings such as monotone tune is that their owners know that Russia is in possession of a financial bomb that will burst the U.S. capital and monetary hegemonic bubble whenever he and his BRICS allies drop it. That bomb - the abandonment of the petrodollar - will crater the global capitalist runway. That's why the capitalist scum whose vassal state economies from Ottawa to London, from Wall St. to Brussels are taking anti-diarrhea pills these days.

Of course, none of the vassals has more to lose than Canada and no western leader is more of a hollow ass-kissing corporate whore than Heir Harpo. When the petro-dollar falls and the U.S.'s demand for needless crap dries up Canada's economy will stumble then crumble because where Canada once had a viable internal industrial economy that produced goods and jobs for its citizens it now has an economy totally dominated by the export of raw materials. Canada's export markets will do a domino theory dive as first the American juggernaut stops spending, then the Asians and Europeans follow suit.

The good news is that the entire environmental catastrophe the living planet faces is driven by petrodollar politics through its tentacles of oil dependent consumer driven extractive capitalism and the subservient corporate owned and operated mainstream media who's drumbeat of propaganda in support of this bankrupt economic system that now threatens the future of our descendant's will slow to a more modest sustainable level very quickly in the post petro-dollar future and a new era of mild deflationary economics will, hopefully, turn every day into Earth Day.