The G? Hypocritically Expels Russia for Illegal Acts But Silence on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Drones, etc

Crimeans and their best friends celebrate referendum results

More dangerous bullshit posturing out of Brussels yesterday, duly regurgitated verbatim by the compliant corporate western media, says "In a joint statement, dubbed the "The Hague Declaration," G7 leaders condemned Russia's actions over Ukraine and threatened to "intensify actions" against the country. This clear violation of international law is a serious challenge to the rule of law around the world and should be a concern for all nations." With nary a word about the ringing condemnation from every corner of the globe pointing out the hypocrisy of the west in relation to violations of international law.

If the US, UK, NATO, Canada et.al, were to be thrown out of the G? for their violations of international law it's now be called the G0. When the US, UK and 'coalition of the willing' invaded Iraq it was an obvious violation of international law. When they, including Canada this time, invaded Afghanistan it was too. The US-CIA drone strikes on sovereign nations are all violations, are all condemned in the UN by huge majorities in the General Assembly. When the NATO got UN permission to establish a no-fly zone over Libya then proceeded to bomb the piss outta the Qaddafi's forces, they were condemned by all, especially Russia. When Israel builds settlements on other countries territory they are violating international law. For which they are nearly unanimously condemned around the world yet Canada and the US vote in their favor every time and state that they will always support Israel on matter how flagrantly they violate international law. It's bullshit.

When these 'leaders' of the US-UK-EU say that the Crimea Referendum was illegitimate when 82% of eligible voters did vote in the referendum and 95% of them voted yes to annexation to Russia, even if every one of the other 18% of eligible voters said no, that still means about 80% of Crimeans, for better or worse, support Russian annexation. Clearly this is a legitimate majority and the west's leaders and media are purposefully mis-representing the facts.

Ron Paul, hardly a left-winger, made an important point about the hypocrisy of the western leaders spin on the Crimean referendum in his op-ed last week in USAToday when he said, "Critics point to the Russian 'occupation' of Crimea as evidence that no fair vote could have taken place. Where were these people when an election held in an Iraq occupied by U.S. troops was called a 'triumph of democracy'?"

There are so many well written articles denouncing the western propaganda campaign and the compliant corporate media who Paul Craig Roberts calls "presstitutes" that it's impossible to mention them all. Stephen Lendman, Michel Chossudovsky, Rick Rozoff and Paul Craig Roberts do their best everyday to counter the propaganda who's words and phrases like 'storming' and 'invasion' and 'turned bloody ' are used to exaggerate and inflame the fears of the un-informed.

During this last few weeks The Mud Report has tried to write in-depth background pieces about Ukraine in an a attempt to calm the flames of irrational fear being fanned by the neo-cons and their mouth-pieces. These assholes are more than ignorant, they are dangerous. Tomorrow's piece will begin a new series on just how dangerous the neo-con lies really are.