Harper's Agenda On Every Issue Be It Ukraine, Free Trade, Pipelines or Pot is to Enrich His Supporters

Harper's latest ME TOO tour of Ukraine yesteday and the 'G7' meeting today are the latest example of his shallow domestic re-election agenda. Internationally, nobody cares what Harper says or does in regard to the Ukraine. His hypocritical performance in in Kiev yeserday was aimed totally at the 1.1million Ukrainian immigrants living in Canada. Their votes in next year's election could be essential to Harpo retaining control in Ottawa. Control being the keyword.

Today he'll be ME TOO-ing it behind Obama's every word in the hope that this ass-kissing will be the straw that breaks the KXL stalemate in 'merica. Pipelines, Harpo's never seen one he didn't love, are another key aspect to his overall agenda of funneling as much money as he can to his fossil fuel industry bagmen in as short a period of time as possible.

Harpo and his cronies may chant jobs-jobs-jobs, but it's all about short-term 'profits for his supporters. Both the oilmen and Harpo know that someday he'll lose control of the money funnel and all his science bashing laws and resource export uber-alles agenda will be overturned by the same type of 'omnibus bill' he used to push them through.

Energy Security and jobs are the mantra of the Conservative's 'export it now' philosophy but the hobgoblins are starting to peer out from behind the closet door. A few days ago the benefits of the Energy East pipeline were being questioned openly in a report by the Ecology Action Centre, Environmental Defence, Equiterre and the Council of Canadians. The report says, "The bulk of the estimated 1.1-million barrels of crude oil set to be shipped each day from Alberta to Saint John, N.B., would be exported...The vast majority of this oil, between an estimated 750,000 to one million barrels, would likely be shipped unrefined to places like India, Europe and, possibly, the United States.”

This means the few temporary construction jobs building the pipeline aren't the real agenda, that's getting the crud to an ocean port so his supporters get more money per barrel. Remember that whenever and however they do get it to a world 'market' outside North America the domestic Canadian price will be mandated to rise to equal that price by Canada's Free Trade agreements. Imagine how much damage that will do to jobs in every sector of Canada down the road. Then there's the fact that pipeline jobs are temporary, but oil spills are forever.

Jobs-jobs-jobs eh. Catherine Abreu of the Ecology Action Centre said exporting crude out of Saint John threatens the region’s traditional industries. “Maritimers are not being told the truth. Energy East will not create jobs or prosperity in our region. It will only put jobs at risk as it threatens the Bay of Fundy and turns us into an export terminus rather than a hub of local investment and economic growth.” Again the agenda isn't jobs for citizens it's windfall profits for Harpo's backers.

Harpo's ridiculous changes to Canada's medical marijuana laws are an even more blatant attempt to take from the poor [and sick in this case] and give to his supporters. Fortunately, the courts have stepped in to stop the insanity, at least for now. Fortunately for everybody IMO because what the Conservatives are trying to do would hurt the needy immediately for sure, but in the longer run the very business people Harpo was trying to service would have ended up bankrupted because of the huge loans they'd require build their facilities. Added to that are the wages, the equipment and the learning curve they'd face.

These small business folks aren't pot growers they're business people. They'd get killed in the 'market' by the thousands of small, experienced, mom and pop operations everywhere in Canada. The small time growers can drop or raise their prices instantly. Their knowledge of strains, predators and diseases gained through trail and error over the long haul and their long established chain of local consumers make the 'street' prices at about half of the licenced business prices.

This is another clear example that Harpo's agenda is remaining in control not helping Canadians. Canada's political system's, our political system's, greatest flaw is the first-past-the-post voting system IMO. It allows governments to be regularly formed by parties with support of under 40% of actual voters, then holding majority power for full five-year terms. Coupled with turnout levels in the electorate of less than 60%, this can lead to a party obtaining a majority government by convincing as few as one quarter of the electorate to vote for them. Proportional Representation, some form of which is in use by almost all of the world's democracies, is the way around these divide and conquer tactics that have kept both the Conservatives and Liberals in power and denied a voice to the majority in Canada. It's time for a change.