We Share 'Common Causes', We All Need Clean Water and Air, We All Must Be 'Idle No More'

Thousands are turning out all across Canada today to show their solidarity with Idle No More's Global Day of Action. The movement has grown to include many Canadian social justice groups under a banner of “Common Causes” as part of what organizers are calling an "unprecedented movement" to push back against the Harper government's erosion of environmental protections, workers' rights, and the general social welfare.

Common Causes spokesperson Maude Barlow said yesterday, "Common Causes is an assembly of progressive forces acting together to build a better society to defend democracy, social justice, the environment and human rights in the face of an all-out assault by the Harper government. Democracy is being savaged." Barlow said, "The future of our country and our society is at stake. We will unite our Common Causes to defeat this agenda and work for a just and sustainable future."

Support is growing for Idle No More all around the globe. As Mashu White Feather, a First Nations Elder from Rivers Inlet wrote yesterday about last week's vote at the UN General Assembly, "The United Nations voted in favor of placing sanctions against the Canadian government for the treatment of their Indigenous peoples and have moved to protect their Indigenous rights. There were 104 votes. 100 votes in favor and 4 against the motion. The countries against the sanctions were Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand."

Locally, The Tla'amin Nation and residents of the Powell River area will be gathering at the Westview Ferry Terminal, Spirit Square, at 4pm. All of the usual suspects will undoubtedly be there and, as with each of the past gatherings, a few new faces too. Come out and join us here, there and everywhere. We all need clean water, we all need clean air, we all need to live in free country, we all share these common causes, we are all in this together, we must all be Idle No More!