The Tla'amin Nation and INM's Powell River Allies Dance, Drum and Sing in Common Cause

Yesterday afternoon the Tla'amin Nation and many other residents of the Powell River area turned out for another uplifting experience. We all owe our thanks to the grassroots members of the Tla'amin people for both organizing this event and creating for us all a space in which we could share our 'common causes'. We, the proud allies of Idle No More, support human rights, the protection of the environment and the notion that our elected government should act honestly and honourably in carrying out its obligations to all its people.

We also owe our thanks to Courtney Harrop, a local independent photojournalist and blogger, who has been tireless in her efforts to document the local Idle No More movement as well as others near and far. Her full video of yesterday's rally is available here. There are also many wonderful pictures taken by her and others available at the Idle No More Powell River Facebook Page.

The Tla'amin songs and drumming, the Round Dance, the spirit of the moment was very moving. Hopefully you too went out yesterday to join in the Global Day of Action wherever you were, but if you didn't, i encourage you to come out for the next and the next and the next in your community. The drumming and dancing was reminiscent of other times long ago at YIPPIE rallies that were also more a demonstration of the inner spirits than the intellectual arguments of the participants.

Across Canada many other communities of First Nations and others marched, danced, sang and drummed their hope that by acting together we can build a better more just society within a healthy environment. The Powell River area has a small population, but comparatively speaking, it has had one of the largest turnouts for these Idle No More rallies anywhere. This is due, in part, to character of it 'left coast' residents and to the justness of the common cause, but also to the energy of the Tla'amin Nation's grassroots organizers.

Drew Kespaul, teaching us the traditional Tla'Amin Love song to greet the visitors from the ferry to traditional Coast Salish Territories, Powell River, BC. January 28th, 2013