Today, Just Another Perfect Day To Remember That Wanting Less Is The Secret to Having Enough

Today started like most days. Fruit and coffee followed by an inbox full of good, bad and ugly emails and links. Next up my best friend and i usually go for a long walk to the beach. We live in a beautiful corner of creation along the Malaspina Strait across from Texada Island a bit south of Powell River. The tides, winds, weather, birds and other stuff all change everyday but high or low, windy or calm, rainy or sunny they always are enough.

Today, like most days, feeling the wholeness of nature's bounty was enough, enough to re-frame my view. Enough to help me remember that all those problems in my inbox are wired together, all of them are symptoms not the disease itself. Climate change, species extinction, ocean acidity, pollution, materialism...on and on. They are all symptoms of this disease that, destroys us from within, the disease of 'more'.

Today, as the seagulls danced in the wind, my mind somehow re-framed its focus onto the curative notion that those seagulls lived and danced so freely because they never wanted 'more' than enough. Endlessly wanting more might well be the metaphorical apple Eve offered Adam. Endless 'more' is of course impossible to achieve, an absurd fiction that leads to mankind's present fixation on the equally absurd concept of endless growth.

"Rivalry for worldly gain will distract you until you visit your grave.  Finding pleasure in people, events, nature and not in things, is a way to deal with this weakness of human beings, and to find true contentment." - The Qur'an