New Age Flunkies Flock to Mayan Riviera in Search of Enlightenment and the Perfect Taco

Judging by the emails that have rolled in these last few days from the Spiritualist seekers upset about my post a few days ago on how easily the fearful become the gullible, it appears apologies may be in order. Turns out alotta of folks wanna 'believe' that either Dec. 21st will be the dawning of a type of spiritual a 'New World Order'. Sure hope they're right cause my poor deluded species needs help that's 4 sure.

Turns out not the majority of folks flocking to the Mayan Rivera aren't of the fearful Doomsday persuasion they're New Age flunkies in search of enlightenment...my replies always include the cliche "no matter where you go, there you are." and the advice that most of the time 'inner' perfection is accompanied by outter perfection, consequently they should focus on searching for the perfect taco as surely enlightenment must be close by.

All of this would just be funny if it weren't for the fact that children and those with anxiety issues or mental illness are particularly vulnerable to this type of fear mongering bullshit. Teachers and parents are reporting that suicide threats by truly frightened young people are common. They are watching Doomsday theorists on YouTube and reading their bullshit on web forums. These kids who are terrified are the victims of this hoax far more than the existentially fearful adults or the well heeled New Age seekers.

“The lack of scientific education and the lack of scientific knowledge — scientific illiteracy — that is a public health concern.” Say the authors of the 2012hoax website. Their extensive and excellent website explains scientifically every aspect of this dangerous delusion in easy to understand language. And if you don't think any of this is dangerous just remember Heaven’s Gate in 1997, when 39 people in California committed suicide en masse because they wanted to ascend to a supposed spaceship trailing the Hale-Bopp comet.

All around the globe today the flames of fear are being fanned in the name of selfish fame and fortune - just like every day. Unfortunately this particular pile of bullshit will pass into history in a few days but the charlatans, crackpots and jackasses won't.