Waking Up Over the Line in Washington State and Wondering - Will Weed-Mart Win?

Washington state's initiative, while legalizing the production and sale of marijuana to adults split the cannabis community mostly because of its controversial DUI provision. A limit of five nanograms per milliliter (5 ng/ml) of active THC in the bloodstream will be considered per se evidence of guilt of DUI under the new law.

With that limit, practically any daily cannabis user, including almost every medical marijuana patient, would be considered "DUI marijuana" when they wake up, unimpaired, in the morning, since their active THC level would almost never dip below 5 ng/ml. So, waking up over the line in Washington state is an 'issue' for folks, hell, i'd of been over that line 40 years of my life.

The next year or two will be interesting in Washington and Colorado. It'll take that long at least before the courts have their say. During that time the corporations and the banks will have to stay out of the weed business. Meanwhile, the existing growers will see a huge jump in demand and long before the courts unleash the bankster corporations into the 'market' the locals will have scaled up production to meet demand. It's true, the local markets in Colo.-Wash. will suffer in the long term - and Weedmart will win...someday. The best move for a grower down there now might be to go BIG for the next couple years. Then, before  Weedmart starts growing - retire.

Washington state's initiative wasn't about morality, it was about money. On every level the governments are bankrupt, the 'War on Drugs' costs beaucoup bucks. For instance, it took King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg 3 days to dismiss all misdemeanor marijuana possession cases currently pending in Washington’s largest county. Marijuana means money, to governments, to the tourist industry, inevitably to the corporations- to Weedmart.

Demand will be high in Washington and Colorado, so will the taxes be, so will profits be, so will prices be too. But weed isn't booze, ya can't grow booze in chicken shit and pot does just fine. So a person, especially a person who's already learned from experience, will always be able to fly under the radar, to have a few girls out by the shed, to keep the magic alive. Ya gotta wonder, part of weed's magic is the individual charm added by grower, part is it's outlaw status but inevitably the most magic weed any of us ever smoked was grown in our own garden and smoked while sitting on our own deck.