Pot Legalization in Washington and Colorado Will Cost the Canadian Tourism Industry Millions

The DEA will fight 'em, the DoJ will too and the final word in could take years, but in reality Washington's law goes into effect Dec. 6th, 4 weeks from now. A couple days later there will be hundreds of little pot stores open for the 'holiday season' shoppers from BC let alone the rest of north America's west coast. Washington's tourism and munchie industries are about to explode, BC's, not so much.

BC, especially Vancouver, has been north America's #1 marijuana tourism destination for decades. During their visits the potheads stay at motels, buy gas, they buy bright shiny beads and they eat...lots. All that will change once folks figure out how cool it is to actually 'smoke it' legally along with doing it in less expensive motels, burning cheaper gas and eating even more junk food even cheaper.

Washington and Colorado will, once the courts get done with 'em, see a boom in tax revenue so great it'll remind old timers like me of what happened in sleepy, rural Nevada when they legalized gambling. Just like gambling, but a lot quicker in the digital age, the surrounding states will see the light and so on...

Not just the tourism industry but BC's small time mom and pop pot growers are poised to take a big hit to both their market share of Washington St. smokers and the price. As the economists would say, 'price probably going down as long as demand does or until production slows [which is the opposite of what happens when mom and pop are squeezed for dough].

All was well in the land, but then came the Proposition Demon whispering his evil bargain in Washingtonian and Coloradoan ears. Now where are we here in BC? We're facing year-round off season motel rates, no more lineups at the restaurants, cheaper pot, munchies and shiny beads...Oh, doesn't look so bad after all