"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing..." - Matthew 7

Yesterday's story in The Gaurdian by Glenn Greenwald titled 'Another Guantánamo Prisoner Death Highlights Democrats' Hypocrisy' was a moving essay about man's inhumanity to man, the immorality of the US policy of indefinite detention and a clear explanation of how Obama's soaring rhetoric in the 2008 election campaign was forked tongue lawyer speak. The saying 'Obama, a wolf in sheep clothing' leapt to mind so i googled it and got about 348,000 results. Interestingly the websites using that phrase came from every conceivable political point of view.

Greenwald's article explains that Obama's plan to "close Gitmo" was a smokescreen designed to further hypnotize progressives down the hopeful road to change when in fact the system of indefinite detention at the heart of Gitmo's abuse was never challenged. Obama's plan was to simply move Gitmo north. Obama's defenders now say that he tried to "close Gitmo" but was stopped by congressional opposition from both parties and the ACLU who said, "the administration plans to continue its predecessor's policy of indefinite detention without charge or trial for some detainees, with only a change of location." Obama knew all along that the US courts would never allow indefinite detention and that they'd immediately throw out any evidence acquired through torture, pretty much the only kind the US had then or has now to justify its drone targets. It was all just part of the Obama Gitmo myth.

The Pulitzer Prize winning PoliticalFact published by the Tampa Bay Times features 'The Obameter' which lists and describes Obama's broken promises one by one, there's well over 50 of them, it takes 5 pages. In each case Obama's promises sounded great but each of them contained 'wiggle words' that a fancy fork tongued, Harvard trained lying wolf could and would use when he emerged from within his sheep's clothing.

This time around 'Hope and Change' have morphed into 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'  where the supposedly lesser-evil wins the election having long ago lost the hearts and minds it had hypnotized last time around. This time Team Obama is saying, "Be very afraid!  Don't risk voting for a real progressive, when doing so will only put Snidely Whiplash and Natasha in the White House.  No, vote for the father of lies disguised as an angel of light, the wolf in sheep's clothing."  Maybe this time Lucy will hold the football steady.