This Jill Stein Photo is Worth a Thousand Words and Hopefully Millions of Votes

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, is arrested and transported in restraints after a sit-in at a downtown Philadelphia bank over housing foreclosures.

"Millions have lost their homes already. Many millions are still in the pipeline," said Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, outside of office tower where Fannie Mae's offices are located. "We are five years into this crisis and effectively nothing has been done about it." As she was being processed after being arrested at the bank protest she explained why she joined the bank protest in Philadelphia the other day, in part Stein said that almost half of Americans now live in poverty or near poverty, eight million families face eviction from their homes due to foreclosures, and over a third of mortgage holders are "underwater" - meaning that they owe more to the lenders than their properties are worth on the market.

The protest was originally called for by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign to demand that the giant mortgage company halt foreclosure proceedings against two Philadelphia residents in danger of losing their homes. Stein joined the protest after Cheri Honkala joined her as Stein's vice presidential running mate. Honkala, a former homeless single mother, has been confronting banks and mortgage companies for decades demanding that they adopt policies that will, "keep families in their homes."

"The laws and the budgets and the procedures are designed to protect the lenders and to extract as much money as possible from the victims." said Honkala. "This isn't the way it would be if we really had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Actions speak louder than words so it's inspiring to see Green Party nominees Stein and Honkala taking action in support of the 'people'. Hopefully millions of my fellow Americans who are tired of being lied to and cheated will go out and vote Green on Nov. 6th not just to protest the lack of choice between the two corporate parties but as a positive affirmation.

This photo and story are, IMO, a true reflection of the state of American politics in that the ones who should be in office are in jail and the ones who should be in jail are in office.