The California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs, is a Battle Against the Corporatocracy

The most important food fight of a generation is unfolding in California. The outcome of the Nov. 6 California Ballot Initiative (Prop. 37) to require labels on genetically engineered foods will determine whether GMO foods are labeled, not only in California but across the entire United States and Canada as well. But even more important, IMO, a victory over the biotech giants like Monsanto, Dupont, Bayer and Syngenta and their paid for politicians can restore the tattered self-confidence of the 99% in their battle against the corporatocracy.

Scientifically speaking a new report by genetic engineers titled 'Why genetically engineered food is dangerous' concludes, “Research studies show that genetically modified crops have harmful effects on laboratory animals in feeding trials and on the environment during cultivation. They have increased the use of pesticides and have failed to increase yields. Our report concludes that there are safer and more effective alternatives to meeting the world’s food needs.”

Another recent study from the University of Arizona highlighting the limits and problems of GMO cultivation documents the appearance of parasites resistant to genetically modified crops. Most of these crops are in fact designed to produce toxins that kill parasites, but over time the parasites tend to develop resistance. According to the study, the parasites are adapting in unexpected ways to the GM crops. The actual data about resistant parasites found in cultivated fields is very different from the theoretical predictions made on the basis of laboratory analyses. The appearance of resistance in parasites not only makes the modification inserted in the plant useless, but also requires the use of new chemical substances to treat the crops.

Growing crops from patented genetically modified seeds, and the agro-chemicals designed to be used with them, has earned biotech bullies and their shareholders billions of dollars. But just as their short-sighted greed may produce short-term 'profits' so to will it produce long term costs to human and environmental health whose 'externalization' is the hallmark of corporate capitalism.

The initiative is called The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Foods Act because that, informed choice, is the real issue in a free society. This food fight in California is the fight of our lives because the corporatocracy can only exist when the society is huddled in a corner ignorant and fearful. A victory in the California Prop 37 campaign is the thin edge of the wedge that will prove we, the 99%, can retake control of our destiny.