'Small is Beautiful', the Mantra of the New Economy Movement

As E.F. Schumacher said, 'Small is Beautiful' and today's article 'Cooperative Banking in the Aquarian Age' by Ellen Brown is an excellent, well written, well referenced example of it's economic truth. Ellen's books and articles, including her latest book, 'Web of Debt', show how the private banking cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back.

Her article is part of a larger series on 'The Rise of the New Economy Movement' wherein activists, theorists, organizations and ordinary citizens discuss the rebuilding of the American political-economic system from the ground up. It is a wonderful, optimistic 5 part series on Alternet that i highly recommend.

COMER also has the same basic perspective but from a Canadian perspective. COMER is an international publishing and education resource based in Toronto, Canada, and is comprised of people who are concerned about the destabilizing effects current economic and monetary policies have had, and are having, on the citizens of Canada and other countries. They advocate for changes in monetary policy (monetary reform) through revisions in the Bank of Canada Act.

Each of these individuals and groups of course face the same headwinds of established power invested in the international corporate banking oligarchy that right now the people of Greece, as well as the rest of us, are facing. The threats and the bribes being offered by the European Central Bank and the IMF show that they are worried, show that Greece's influence goes far beyond their relatively small area. Greece is the next domino, before it, a decade ago, Argentina was the first, a few years ago Iceland followed, if now Greece too gives the banksters the middle finger salute soon Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and hopefully the rest of us will follow too.