Julian Assange's 'The World Tomorrow' Interviews Have Been Remarkable

Yesterday i watched Julian Assange's interview of  Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, on RT.com. Please watch it yourself, it's...remarkable. Rafael Correa, who has a Phd in economics, has changed Equador from a backward colony of the oil oligarchy into an independent economic giant in Latin America by buying out/nationalizing the oil resources and using the profits for the good of the Equadorian people.

Like each of Assange's guests, Correa was asked tough questions by Assange each of which he fielded with intelligent, graceful and humorous aplomb. In one early part of the interview Correa quoted Evo Morales in answering Assange's question about America's image in Latin America, "There's only one country that is 100% certain it won't suffer a coup, the US. That's because there's no US embassy there."

Assange is of course under attack not only for his world shaking website Wikileaks but also now for his interview show. His critics claim Assange is being used as a puppet by the Kremlin to disseminate Russian propaganda. Watch for yourself and see, many others have including American journalist Glen Greenwald who's quote is below is about Assange's first show where he interviews Hezbollah leader Nasrallah. All of Assange's past shows are available here.

"The interview with Nasrallah was pretty remarkable. Assange criticized Nasrallah for failing to support the citizens of Syria fighting against the Assad government. The Russian government has been an ally of the Assad government. He asked him about corruption and deceit at the highest levels of Hezbollah. So the positions Assange took in his very first interview were directly contrary to the policy of the Russian government. I’d say it gives great credence to Assange’s claim of his editorial independence. It makes those claiming otherwise look like deceivers and liars." - Glen Greenwald