Entomologists, and Others, Agree that Politics Creates Anemia in the O'romneybama Era

Entomology comes from the  Greek ἔντομος, entomos, defined as - "that which is cut in pieces". So they, entomologists, are an excellent source of insight into the fracturing of political will in our troubled times. This year's race for the Oval Office, the O'romneybama race, finds my fellow Amerikans so weakened by the artificial divisions being spun by the PR industry and spread  by the corporate media that the eventual turnout in November, despite the enormity of the problems facing the US, will probably be anemic. Amerikans, it appears, are down a quart on the dipstick and need a transfusion.

Democrats can't figure out what happened, 4 years ago they were in love with 'change you can believe in'. They believed. Now they realize they were being cheated on and lied to. Many will still sleep walk into the polls in November and punch the Democratic button but many who feel like jilted lovers, especially the young who carried the election 4 years ago, won't. Some of the jilted will vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party but many will stay home and check out their Facebook friend's status.

Republicans are cut into pieces too. Many of them will still vote for Romney but many others, especially those of born-again and Tea Party persuasions, see all Mormons as magic underwear wearing demons or worse-moderates, will either stay home or choose some ultra-conservative 3rd party to vote for.

What's happened is that there's no real choice between the major party's two Goldman Sachs sponsored candidates. It seems obvious to entomologists and the hoi polli alike that any real change in this era won't come from the ballot box but from the street. The changes needed to make any real difference are revolutionary, the divisions of left-right, Tea Party-Occupy are artificially created divisions in what is a continuous spectrum. Every revolution needs two essential ingredients: young people, who are willing to dream, and poor people, who have nothing to lose. These ingredients are growing in every corner of Amerika, they're created by the corporate banksters and the blood-sucking politicians who serve them. The rule of the few will only end when the presently divided anemic many are re-untied on the streets.