Alberta's Wiebo Ludwig is Fighting His Last Battle

The Dutch-born eco-warrior and enemy of the oil industry is a yoeman, a hero, a warrior, a free man and at peace with his god at the end, what could be better. But still it's a sad day for those many of us who've cheered Weibo on from afar, those many of us Weibo wannabes who've never been able to take the heat as he has.

Here's a couple of excerps from an interview published today, March 03, 2012, titled: Wiebo Ludwig dying of cancer:

"For those who espouse green living and turning our collective backs on uncontrolled oil and gas drilling and development, Ludwig is something of a messianic folk hero. For decades he has stood as an outspoken, implacable, media-savvy foe of the oil and gas industry, as evidenced by Toronto filmmaker David York's 2011 National Film Board-backed documentary, Wiebo's War."

"Ludwig, a carpenter, has completed his final construction project: a wooden casket. Last month his daughters finished the lining — a cream-coloured satin that covers a layer of soft foam and straw. The simple casket rests on two metal stands in one of the compound's main houses."

Not a believer myself, but if Weibo's right about crossing over the river maybe i'll be lucky enough to meet him one day on the other side.

Wiebo Ludwig dying of cancer: An interview - March 03, 2012