Why Progressives Should Vote for Rick Insantoium in Today's Michigan and Arizona Primaries

About the only hope that progressive voters in the US have of seeing any of their agenda being adopted in the next few years is if there's such a huge Democratic landslide in November that the DINOs-Blue Dog Democrats-will lose their power. There's nobody more likely to cause such a lanslide than Rick Insantorium.

Rick made a statement yesterday slamming JFK's speech about how religion and politics should be kept separate. Righteous Rick went on to say, "I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute." Now there's a statement that will warm the hearts of many ultra-religious Republicans and Tea Partiers but will, in the longer run, scare the beejesus out of any rational independent US voter.

Moneybags Mitt has his moments of insanity too, but his track record of changing positions on any issue to suit the demographic audience he's addressing means he'll just disavow any rhetoric that he finds doesn't play well with independents if he were to win the nomination. Rick, on the other hand, has made so many heartfelt speeches embracing the religiously hypnotized mindset that he undoubtedly is a true believer.

So, seeing as Obama has broken every progressive promise he made 4 years ago, it seems to me the only way he'll ever to forced to actually fulfill any of his promises is if/when a truely progressive majority in both houses of Congress force him to, and as he'll be a lame duck unable to run again and not needing to play kiss-ass with his corporate benefactors after November it could happen-right after pigs learn to fly. Meanwhile, mr. mud will keep rooting for Roseanne Barr and Ron Paul to somehow be able to force the lamestream media, also totally in the death grip of the their corporate owners and advertisers, to start asking real questions about the big issues of our times.

In Vegas the morning line had the odds at 99 to 1 against the media ever asking any controversial questions and the same against Roseanne Barr for POTUS, so my next best hope today is a big victory for Rick Insantorium tonight in Michigan and Arizona. Go Rick Go!

Rick Santorum slams JFK - Kennedy said religion and politics should be kept separate, which Santorum called an "absolutist doctrine" that he rejected. "I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute," he said on ABC.