Harper's Phoney Elections Canada Calls a Hallmark of Rove's Tactics

Did Harpo's Conservative Party steal the last Canadian General Election? As Queen Sarah of the North would say, 'You Betcha!'. Over the last number of years it's been reported many times that different members of the Canadian Conservative Party have met with Karl Rove, the grandaddy of Republican electoral dirty tricks. Guess these last few days we're starting to learn what they discussed eh.

Last night CBC's The National had an interview with the NDP's Pat Martin [pat.martin@parl.gc.ca] where he called the phoney Elections Canada calls directing Liberal and NDP supporters to incorrect voting stations a heinous crime against democracy. Martin also denounced the dirty tricks calls as a tactic borrowed from U.S. Republicans.

Today Liberal MP John McCallum said fraudulent calls directing voters to the wrong polling stations benefited Conservatives in the last election. Elections Canada has traced the calls to numbers in Montana and Colorado.

As of now complaints have come in from 37 ridings about false fraudulent calls from people-not robo calls-claiming to be from Elections Canada. This tactic is used by the Republcan Party in the US, especially in the deep south, as a vote suppression weapon. One of the main proponents of this and other dirty tricks, so broadly used in the US that Democrats now have attorney and 1-800 numbers setup in every state to combat them, is Karl Rove-Harpo's buddy. Week after week Canadians are learning just where and how the facist Harpo's Government is going. Soon the Conservative's will be announcing their ETA in Hades-All Aboard Eh!