We Are All Greeks Now

Various groups are participating in an international day of solidarity with the Greek people today [Feb. 18th]. The show of solidarity is in response to the "dictatorship of the financial markets and the troika: EU, ECB and IMF, who have imposed austerity measures and a non-elected government on the Greek people." Demonstrations are planned throughout Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, and more. - Common Dreams

The brave people of Greece are standing up to the forces of facism for us all as they did before. ...Ask those who were cowering from the pounding of Luftwaffe in the tube stations of London, during the long winter of 1940, and they will tell you that the only pieces of good news they were getting for months, were coming from the Greek mountains...- The Gaurdian

The Mud Report has spoken loud and clear about the growing consciousness of the worldwide class struggle we are all increasingly immersed in. As Bruce Springsteen says in his newest alblum, "The banker man grows fat / The working man grows thin / It's all happened before and it will happen again."