Paulistas, Monetary Policy and 'The Golden Rule'

The establishment-GOP and otherwise-and the lamestream media belittle him and call him a threat. So why has Ron Paul been able to build such an impressive organization of enthusiastic supporters, nickamed the Paulistas, young and old? Why does he have such a strong 'ground game' especially in rural areas and college towns? If Ron Paul is a threat, who is he a threat to?

As Ron himself says, "They're right. We are a threat. We're a threat to the status quo" One of Paul's central themes in every speech is US Monetary Policy. The Federal Reserve System is as status quo as they get so in the last few days mr. mud has been trying to wade through the fog of confusing jargon and learn why Dr. Paul is so steadfast in his condemnation of the Fed.

There are plenty of sites devoted to the topic, almost all are written by economists who have been educated by, are employed by, and pay homage to the establishment point of view. The others, the non-conformists, see the system as being designed by the elites, serving the elites and creating monetary slavery for the rest of us. The fog isn't accidental, as Henry Ford once said, “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Another policy that seperates Ron Paul from the rest, Republican or Democrate, is foreign affairs. As Ron Paul says, "In many ways America had been 'exceptional' but in an opposite manner from the neo-con driven foreign policy of the last 20 years. If America indeed has something good to offer the cause of peace, prosperity, and liberty it must be spread through persuasion and by example; not by intimidation, bribes and war. The policy of American domination of the world, as nation builder-in-chief and policeman of the world, has failed and must be abandoned – if not as a moral imperative, then certainly out of economic necessity. My [Paul's] humble suggestion is to replace it with a policy of Mutually Assured Respect. This requires no money and no weapons industry, or other special interests demanding huge war profits or other advantages. This requires simply tolerance of others' cultures and their social and religious values, and the giving up of all use of force to occupy or control other countries and their national resources." Paul wants America to follow 'The Golden Rule' and "Treat other nations exactly as we expect others to treat us."

Ron Paul says, "The war on drugs is a failure and an expensive one at that. It's another elite power play. The elite like their welfare/warfare state."

The more a person looks into Ron Paul's positions on the most important issues of our day the easier it is to see why so many bright eyed young men and women are part of his poorly funded but steadily growing ground game, why he's called the Peace Candidate' and why he is indeed a threat to the status quo.