Attawapiskat-Colonialism's Karma

This morning's research into the present fiasco of Attawapiskat's housing crisis has been emotional for me and hopefully the real story will move everyone else too. An excellant place to begin is Alison's Creekside blog where i scooped the picture above. There you'll find a number of great links to information on the numbers that Harper and his buddies are misusing to support the fog of denial and divert the attention of Canadians as well as appeal to their rightwing base.

To be fair this isn't a Conservative government invented problem, the Liberals used the same illogic to cover their tracks too, so have successive provincial governments of all stripes including the NDP.

The numbers themselves, as outlined by Aaron Wherry's breakdown of the figures, though insightful, only give a two dimensional snapshot of the greater problems created by colonialism that we all must face. Colonialism is one of capitialism's tools of oppression. This isn't news, humans have slaughtered and stolen the resources of the 'conquered' since the begining of history. Attawapiskat isn't news but it is symbolic of the ongoing battle being waged against capitialism everywhere.

It's also symbolic of how we the many allow ourselves to be divided by the few for their own short-term gain and how, sooner or later, the chickens come home to roost. The blog âpihtawikosisân has the most clear, detailed, informative article on Attawapiskat by far, and on Canadian Federal-First Nations relations generally.

“The Harper government has told the other communities, 'You speak up, we will take you out.' That is as blunt and brutal a colonial message as could be delivered,”  - NDP MP Charlie Angus