The #1 Reason Why Harper Won't Legalize Pot in Canada

Harper's recent statement that his goverment won't legalize loco weed here in Canada isn't because his base voters oppose it, it's not because the drug warrior zealots to our south would go even more nuts than they already are, it's because Canada's small time mom and pop marijuana industry is powering the rural economies of Canada.

Worth $7 billion in BC alone, that's a lotta money. Some goes to the big boys, that's true, but the vast majority goes to thousands of little mom and pop operations in BC and all over Canada.

When mom and pop growers spend their loonies it's at local stores, on bills and at the grocery market not the stock market. The tax boys get their cut over and over again. As 'The Toilet Bowl Theory of Economics' shows the GST/PST/HST taxes mean the government gets every one of the outlaw's loonies sooner or later. But before its all sucked up into taxes and corporate profits it circulates from person to person powering our local economies.

Someday, like the other outdated 'boogie men' we'd been manipulated to fear, like gambling, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc. the 'sin' of pot will go up in smoke and the government will use it as another source of revenue. Until then we the people can enjoy our tokes and our green economy secure in the knowledge that whenever it's legalized it'll become just another crappy plastic corporate commodity. Until then folks everywhere will live 'the motaleros way'.