The Revolution is Being Livestreamed

This very cool, it's noon and i'm watching the livestream from Oscar Grant Plaza in one browser screen and typing into the other. Another of life's contradictions. The General Strike couldn't be without the corporations that made the gear. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. take huge expensive servers that need specially built warehouses to run. Without all of them we'd be hearing about this two days later like we did in the 60's.

The live chat running beside the livestream is very neat too. People all over the world are watching/listening to this and other streams and youtube video from the streets. All kinds of different folks, kids, dogs, music, chanting...praises to #Occupy Oakland, these folks are carrying the ball for us all.

UPDATE 1:3O PM: "Huge, enthusiastic, crowds are swirling through downtown Oakland. Police are staying away. All downtown banks have shut down. Come on down, it’s beautiful"  - #Occupy Oakland


UPDATE 9PM: Weary protestors are heading home on the Bay Area Rapid Transit [BART] after a fantastic day that was peaceful and raised the exhilaration level of the universe. The day climaxed when 15,000+ marchers closed the Port of Oakland when the longshoremen refused to cross their picket line. Some occupiers are also heading back downtown to the park and plaza and a well deserved good night's sleep in their tent city.. The General Strike was a huge success. Praises have rolled in all day on the chat line from thousands of livestream watchers from around the world. Who could ask for anything more.

March to the Port of Oakland