General Strike in Oakland Already Successful

Tomorrow's General Strike call by the Occupiers in Oakland has  lifted the spirits of millions everywhere around the world. My body can't be there tomorrow but my spirit will be.
"We mean nobody goes to work, nobody goes to school, we shut the city down. The only thing they seem to care about is money and they don't understand that it's our money they need. We don't need them, they need us." - Occupy Oakland
There's two words that the mainstream media won't utter, 'General Strike'. The corporate media will try to measure the success of the strikers with a number - a few thousand-tens of thousands-hundreds of thousands-a million[my hope]. Numbers miss the point. The fact is the internet is alive with hope today like i've never seen it before. "The whole world is watching Oakland". i'm hoping to see lots of brown and black faces, as well as white, of all genders [male/female/trans/etc], young and old, veterans, off duty cops, union and non-union, suits and hippies - the rainbow nation in full regalia.

Let November 2nd be a historic day. Let millions of my fellow Americans join the General Strike all across America and around the world. Let freedom ring from every town and city everywhere. Let the members of the Oakland PD remember that they too are brothers and sisters in the great 99%, that we are all in this together. Let them refuse to continue to act as the army of the rich. Let the 1% tremble. Let this be the day we've always waited for.

Tomorrow, a General Strike in Oakland  When you’re dying a slow death, after all, not taking risks can be the riskiest course of action. As one union member told the Occupy Oakland’s strike subcommittee, “Thousands of union members are looking for inspiration. And whether you like it or not, you occupiers are now the leaders we are looking to.”