Occupy Vancouver and City Managers are Negotiating to Move Indoors

The most promising story line this afternoon isn't the impending showdown being hyped in the lamestream media it's the behind the scenes negotiations between city managers and Occupy Vancouver. Councillor Andrea Reimer confirmed negotiations have been going on since day one of the protest in an interview with The Independent, and that moving the camp indoors is currently on the table.

“We’ve been talking with people from the movement since day one, the deputy city manager has been the lead on it,” Reimer said. “[The Art Gallery grounds] is not an ideal space. If they had somewhere with concrete, that drained a little better, that would be a better space for such a thing. I know that that discussion has been going on. Facilitating the movement itself would probably best be done from an indoor space where they could have things like offices.” Reimer said.

Of course i have no idea if the occupiers would agree, that would require much horizontal discussion, twinkling and a vote. But it is a hopeful sign, perhaps Vancouver can be a vanguard for the co-operative model that yesterday's stories from Occupy Halifax and Olympia examplified. This could be a model for so many other occupied locations now heading into winter.

Imagine the difference in tone co-operation would bring over confrontation. Imagine the difference one successful co-operative solution could bring to what now seems like the kindling of a soon to be out of control fire. Vancouver's Adbusters called the people to this growing occupation movement, now, hopefully, Vancouver's occupiers will propel the movement foward.

Occupy Vancouver to Move Indoors - According to a key Occupy organizer, protesters are in negotiations with the city to move to a warehouse following the shut down order issued by Mayor Gregor Robertson.