A Combo-nation of Occupy Olympia and Occupy Halifax a Viable Model

Occupiers are stirring the pot, everyday now there are so many issues on so many fronts it resembles a candling forest fire in a strong wind. So many stories everyday that a person can go with those that are the best fit with their paradigm. Today's news cycle includes a number that fit mine. One is where the Washington troopers took to heart the radical notion of 'protect and serve' and helped set up tents at Occupy Olympia.

Another is from Halifax where Occupy Nova Scotia protesters camped outside Halifax City Hall put down their placards and bongos Sunday and picked up brooms, sponges and dishcloths instead. The demonstrators started a cleanup prior to a temporary relocation that will allow Remembrance Day ceremonies to go ahead at the city's main cenotaph.

Oakland, Atlanta, Vancouver, Chicago, San Diego, Bloomberg and others are watching hopefully. Their aren't two sides, everybody is in the 99% boat. First came Albany now Olympia and Halifax are visible models of co-operation but they are only a few we've heard of. There are thousands of ongoing occupations the vast majority are peaceful, community supported, protests.

Occupy Vancouver is under pressure right now. The occupiers sound determined to stay. Occupy Vancouver providing a number of valuable services to the homeless, their schedule of daily events shows a level of organization to be envied and, with any luck, cloned by occupiers everywhere.

Hundreds of millions of poor across the globe are going hungry to feed this mania for profit. The technical jargon, learned in business schools and on trading floors, effectively mask the reality of what is happening—murder. Those who resist—the doubters, outcasts, renegades, skeptics and rebels—rarely come from the elite. They ask different questions. They seek something else—a life of meaning. - Chris Hedges