NYC Lightshow Manifesto Says 'We Are Winning'

A dazzling lightshow manifesto splashed across the Verizon building last night as thousands of Occupy Wall Streeters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge. Cars honked in solidarity, and projections appeared on the side of the the building across the street, including "Occupy Earth," "You are part of a global uprising," OWS's "99%" logo and "We are winning."

Yesterday thousands marched and held actions in solidarity with OWS around the world as well as across the US. Bloomberg's raids have succeeded in drawing ten times as many protesters into the streets. The same thing happened in Oakland last week. It seems the more violence the authorities use to repress the occupy movement the faster it grows.

In LA yesterday a small group of protestors took over a key intersection and quickly caused traffic snarlup that shut down parts of the freeways and ground streets. Occupy LA announced their intentions, the LAPD knew where and when it was coming, they responded immediately. Imagine the effect numerous small groups of independently oganized dancing and singing protestors could have at a few key intersections in any city at rush hour. The Yippies used this tactic back in the early 70's in Vancouver. Quick mini parties that today would be called flashmobs at major intersections. Many motorists would join the fun for a couple minutes. It was empowering, often inspiring, always musical and quick.

Locally, Occupy Vancouver is jumping into community as well as global issues again today with its March Against Open-Net Salmon Farming Practices, they know that open-net fish farms break natural laws and are unsustainable. Homelesness, poverty, hunger, and fish farming are all connected with the larger global issues. In a short two months this 'idea', this 99% meme, has changed the game. We are part of a global resistance movement, it's growing every day, We Are Winning.