Massive Turnout at #OWS Shows Movemnt Far From Dead

Tens of thousands have turned out in NYC in support of OWS. Many more thousands are demostrating their support around the world. The occupy movement is far from dead but it is about to change tactics. The original tactic of occupying small bits of mud was a vechile to propel the meme of inequity into the forfront of people's attention. It has succeeded wildly. But now the evil empire has countered with state violence and the mass media's attempt to turn the focus away from the large questions originally posed by the occupiers into local squabbles about red herrings like public safety, regulations and jurisdictions.

Today's turnout is a statement, a validation really, that the original message of the occupy movement is being heard loud and clear, but not it's not the new tactic. The next move will be to go small. Next we'll see small independent cells organize into flashmobs that can appear without warning anywhere, can be secure by being entirely made up of trusted friends, can disappear just as easily, can continue to serve the stratedgy of education as a stepping stone to change.

Not very encampment will be overpowered by local 'authorities', but most will. Those that survive will do so because they serve the needs of their local communities. Occupy Vancouver is one model that might survive. They are currently serving up to 1,800 meals a day to all comers and they are in talks with the city and provincial governments to establish housing for the endless stream of homeless who arrive at their site daily.

The police are puppets, once they recognize their position relative to the puppetmasters events will change. The downfall of every empire in history includes the pivotal moment when the army of the rich realizes their emporer wears no clothes. It will happen again hopefully sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile as today's communique from Culture Jammers HQ says: Now begins the second, visceral, canny, militant phase of our nonviolent march to real democracy. We regroup, lick our wounds and begin our counterattack as early as tomorrow. We will turn this winter into a training ground for precision disruptions – flashmobs, stink bombs, edgy theatrics – against the megacorps and the unrepentant 1%, a festival of resistance in the snow with, or without, an encampment that'll lay the tactical foundation for our Spring Offensive.