It's Move Your Money Day Today

If you're looking for something cool to do, Saturday is Move Your Money Day. Or Bank Transfer Day. Or Dump Your Bank Day, lottsa names. November 5 has been marked as the unofficial date for unhappy customers to take their dough outta the big banks and move it into smaller, more local co-ops and credit unions.

Moving your money is a bigger issue in the US and Europe than here in Canada. Canadian bankers have had their greed machine throttled back by regulations passed by Chretian and Martin years ago they couldn't avoid or bribe their way out of. Though muzzled some by regulations Canadian bankers still do their best to serve the interests of their wealthy shareholders. So do Credit Unions serve he interests of their shareholders. The difference is you and i, the members, are the shareholders.

In what could be the first practical request by the Occupy Movement yet, protesters are asking everyone to take part in the "Move Your Money Day" and divert their investments from big banks. Moving your money is a small act of individual enpowerment. It feels good to act, Move your money! i did. The local Credit Union people were pleasant and helpful.