Greek Referendum Scrapped - Bankers Delight

The Greeks were never really going to be given an oppurtunity to vote on the bankers deals, it was all a ruse to give Papandreou an honorable way out. "The referendum was never an end in itself," George Papandreou earlier told the cabinet according to statements released by his office. Mr Papandreou also insisted he would never have put the question of whether Greece stays in the eurozone to a popular vote, as the leaders of France and Germany had suggested.

Of course not, even in the birthplace of democracy, the people can't be alllowed to vote, not an honest vote like a referendum could've been for sure. Today's mainstream media headlines about Greece all mention the 'market surge', another good day for the bankers another bad day for the working class Greeks.

Greece's economy is being sucked dry by the banks. The Greeks marching the streets know what's going on they would have soundly voted to get out. One day, IMO, they still will get out either by walking or via the boot.

It's interesting to follow Argentina's history in light of Greece today. Argentina defaulted amid huge moaning by the same banks that had continued to lend huge sums and watched successive military juntas buy weapons with some and steal the rest. Finally Argentina rolled over and played dead, their bonds-their debt-became worth 20 cents on the dollar but instead of collapsing since then they've prospered. Venezula bought Argentina's near worthless bonds, began bartering oil for food with Argentina, Argentina's industry was able to sell its output in devalued dollars, tourism cost half what it had before. Now Argentina was booming, their not so long ago junk bonds 'surged', Venezula sold theirs and doubled their money. No wonder the yanks hate Hugo Chavez eh!

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