International Buy Nothing Day Celebrated Around the Globe

International 'Buy Nothing Day' has, like everyday, unfolded later here on the west coast of Canada than most places. We have breakfast while europe has dinner and while China sleeps, if it ever does. By midday here today it's already apparent that BND was either a huge success or a total failure depending on who you get your info from.

At least 63 countries participated, hundreds of thousands worldwide staged some sort of action. Number of shoppers who stopped shopping=zero. Minds weren't changed, but the message was sent. Quitting shopping must be far more difficult than kicking drugs or booze. Our culture validates nothing more than consumption unless maybe its excess.

Stopping conspicious consumption, genuinely wanting and being happy with less, growing and making our own, these are the ideas and actions that could hobble the runaway corporate agenda. The Empire appears as a many headed hydra, its money and power won't be given away, its power lies in the control that fear instills.

The power we have is in owning the ground. They need us more than we need them, and they know it. Every action, no matter how symbolic, that lifts the skirt hiding that truth is revolutionary and dangerous to the 1%. "Remember" as Timothy Leary said, "that you're only as old as the last time you changed your mind."