Grey Cup Sunday, a Unifying Canadian Tradition

Coast to coast to coast millions of TV's and radios in Canada will be tuned into the 99th Grey Cup game. 30,000 fans from all over Canada are partying in Vancouver. 60,000 will fill BC Place later this afternoon. Its a bonanza for the hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Every CFL team had its colors well represented in the crowds at yesterday's parade. It's like a traveling Mardi Gras, every year fans take their holidays to come to the party, this year its in Vancouver. Being an american by birth, an import in CFL terms, it took me awhile to convert to the Canadian game but now i'm on the bandwagon both for BC Lions and the CFL.

It's a big place this Canada, lottsa space, in distance and culture, between BC-Newfoundland-Inuvik. But in a few hours the kickoff will be watched in all three and everywhere in between. The Grey Cup unities Canadians once a year, kinda reminds everyone to focus on our shared good fortune.