We Will Not Rebuild

The best tweet i've read, maybe ever, got forwarded to me today from a friend. It's written by a fellow named Mark Borchiver, it says, "Dear Egyptian rioters, Please don't damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild. Thank you, The Jews" It also might be the best psychological or political statement i've ever heard about the present Arab-Israeli situation. If every Arab and every Jew could have Mark's sense of humor, sense of history, just plain sense, in the Middle East, and everywhere else, what a wonderful world it would be.

History divided these Middle Eastern cousins of ours. Religion has fanned the flames of fear on both sides. Humor might be the magnetic force that could reunite what appears to be opposite poles into the unified whole they could and should be.
Imagine if, through whatever magnetic magic, these two cousins of ours could reunify. Imagine the potential of a united Middle East. Imagine what all we rogue primates could accomplish if we saw through the artificial divisions, if we were to finally recognize that what separates us is our fears. "Imagine", as John Lennon said, "there's no countries, to live and die for, and no religions too."

Who wins from these artificial divisions that so hobble our species? Who wins when we all live in fear of our cousins near and far? Who wins an endless war between cultures, races, or religions? The fear mongers win, the arms dealers win, the powerful, the already obscenely rich, the few all win. The many, us, we the people, are all made poorer because we allow ourselves to be controlled by division and fear.

We live in a world of plenty, we don't need the endless growth delusion and its built in destruction of the planet and our children's futures to elevate us all out of material and spiritual poverty. We need to step into our fears, we need to look up and see that we're dancing the puppet master's two-step. Step one, divide-Step two, conquer. There is no 'other' to fear, as Red Green says, "we're all in this together". The time has come to grab the strings making us dance their two step, to laugh at these foolish fears used for so long to divide us, to see that we dance together as one, that we always have and always will. We will not rebuild that old order, we will build a new order together with all of our cousins, together we will dance.