Divide and Conquer

After spending my first 20 years growing up in New England then a few more traveling and working throughout the western states, there have been dozens of times when my goose woulda been cooked had it not been saved by my fellow Americans. Americans of every region, color, ethnicity and class have gone out of their way to help a stranger. The American people are very generous, helpful, and friendly.

There is a huge difference between everyday Americans and the shit heads in their gated communities protected by private security guards and sucking the lifeblood out of their poorer cousins, they are ‘The Ugly Amerikans'.

Here in Canada the same holds true. The oil barons of Alberta are exactly as greedy as their counterparts in Texas. The stock market speculators of Toronto no less vile than those of New York or Tokyo or London or anywhere else. The super-rich, a very small minority, have somehow gained control over so many destinies and managed to keep our hands from around their scrawny necks up 'til now somehow.

In high school Latin class a million years ago i learned that Julius Caesar said "Omnia Gaulia es divisa en tres partes", though my Latin has fallen apart over time, the message is still crystal clear. Caesar knew he’d never be able to rule all of Gaul if it was united against him even if his legions could initially conquer it. But if he could keep them divided and fighting among themselves it would be easy. Today’s map of that part of Europe still accurately defines the ethnic boundaries that Caesar gladly helped maintain. That there is a Spain, a Portugal, a France and an ongoing Basque separatist war testifies to the clarity of Caesar’s political vision.

Divide and Conquer. We or me? Allow one division and others soon follow. Be it by religion, race, class, language or geography once divided it's a quick slide into 'us or them'. Solution: stand strong, undivided, unconquered, live freely, one with all, one with the mud.