Mice Are People Too

Late last spring our old girl Holly died. She lived with us for 15 years. This fall the mice moved in. i'd sorta forgotten about mice. We've had cats everywhere we lived for the last 40 years at least. Time for a trip to the local rescue shelter. i'll be looking for a female for sure, in all cats-lions, tigers and house-the females do the hunting the males watch the Super Bowl.

Basically, mice are people too. i got nothing against mice, but like a lotta other neat stuff, from wasps to walrus, i like 'em better outside. But hey, i'm probably moving soon so it's better to wait for the feline defences until we have a bigger space. So figuring out how to co-exist with my new neighbors for a couple of months seems the best bet.

Been reading about how our new little cousins can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime-Yikes! Pancho and i live in an old motorhome right now and there probably a million little holes in the undercarriage. i guess holly just silently did her job these last few years since we moved in the RV. Been thinking about Holly a lot lately.

i've gotten the new neighbors settled into a couple of general areas, i'm keeping all the food in tight containers and the fridge. been reading up on the various no-harm traps but in reality they kinda come and go freely right now so i'd just keep catching and releasing the dumb ones. Or maybe the smart ones, it'd be like a free lunch with free holiday travel thrown in eh.

"Much like us, mice are highly social creatures. They become attached to each other, love their families, and enjoy playing, wrestling, and sleeping curled up together. Mice are complex, unique individuals with the capacity to experience a wide range of emotions. They are highly intelligent and natural students who excel at learning and understanding concepts. Despite the stereotypes of being "dirty" or "diseased," mice are fastidiously clean animals who groom themselves several times a day." - PETA