'Free Egypt' Small on Space, Big on Heart

Today protesters are linked arm in arm facing down tanks outside the sheet metal barricade's. Beyond the tanks is a city of 18million descend into anarchy. Inside the barricades is 'Free Egypt', a small space full of men with bandaged heads, limbs and beaming pride. Inside volunteers distribute free meals from a liberated burger shop. More donations of free food, medicine and water roll in every hour from across Egypt.

Foreigners, especially camera carrying media types, are under attack by undercover thugs outside the barricades, inside they are greeted with warmth. Inside 'Free Egpyt' the mood is joy today. "I'll stay here until Mubarak leaves. I'm not afraid. We've broken with the fear we've lived with for 30 years," said Ibrahim El-Hakim, 59, a surgeon.

Aljazeera and CNN reports highlighted a unity in 'Free Egypt' which cuts across religious and ideological lines. It was both heart warming and surreal to see the people on both sides of the barrier agree on at least one thing...prayer. Hundreds of Coptic Christians formed human chains to protect their fellow Muslims from government forces and thugs during Friday prayers. Thousands on both sides put down their stones and iron bars, knelt and prayed. It was the largest prayer gathering ever in Cairo's largest square. What a sight to see, unity, "We are all Egyptians" they chanted.

Egyptians want what all people want, freedom to make their own choices, freedom to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay, freedom to bring up their children in a world without the oppression they grew up under, freedom to hope for a better day.