Russians know how to party eh!

Russia's Vladimir Tarasenko (L) shakes hands with Canada's Ryan Ellis (C) and Casey Cizikas (R) after Russia defeated Canada in the gold medal game.

Canada was in mourning this morning. The throngs of Canadians have retreated, Buffalo Ontario is no more. It sure was neat though, the red and white painted faces, the spontaneous singing of 'Oh Canada', 85% the stands from the great white north. And it was, as almost always, the best hockey of the year. It, that nationwide sinking feeling, is part of the true beauty of sport. It's real, anything can happen, there's no script and if you really root for one side then, win or lose, your emotions are along for the ride.

After blowing a 3 goal lead in the third period the Canadian team members hung their heads while the Russian kids shouted slogans and cheers. Apparently the Russian kids continued the party right through the post game interviews, the locker room and back at the hotel into the wee hours. Bet the vodka was flowing, Russians know how to party eh.

Well 6AM comes early and apparently when they showed up this morning they were kicked off their Delta flight because members of the team were still drunk and disorderly. Instead, the team is sobering up at a Days Hotel near Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, the team’s general manager is arranging new travel plans.

The Russian kids deserved the Gold Medal and the grounding, they'll be treated as heroes back home for both. Russian isn't an easy place to have dreams, hockey is a route out of oppressive poverty for a lucky-hard working few but a dream for many more. The Russian kids were hungrier than the Canadian kids last night. We'll get 'em next year or the one after that eh.

Team Russia kicked off airplane - Allegedly drunk World Junior hockey champs grounded in Buffalo