The Rolling, Breaking, Thundering Surf of Pismo Beach-The Perfect Therapy

We last visited the Pismo Beach area in 2008. My daughter flew into San Francisco during her mid-winter break at university. Pancho, our new best friend, and i picked her up and we drove the rest of the way in a shiny rental car. We stayed a week and enjoyed all the old familiar places from our many earlier visits, plus a few new ones. Of course we stayed at the Motel 6 in Pismo Beach, as we had so many times before, where kids and dogs are free, the people are friendly and the price is right- it suits us perfectly.

It was warm a few of the days, at least for Canadians, and we found the neatest ice cream parlour. Doc Burnsteins in Arroyo Grande. Just visited their website, apparently they're hiring.

One day we drove up to Montana de Oro State Park about 45min. away. At one beach area there the twisted and deformed rocks that are part of the San Andreas fault system make up the cliffs and dramatically disappear into the sea. It's very cool. Montana de Oro over looks Morro Bay and the central Calif. coast to the north with Big Sur in the distance beyond.

i was about 3 months into my recovery from a hip replacement surgery when we were in Pismo. The long flat hard sand beach was exactly what i needed, my daughter, Pancho and i walked the beach for miles every morning and evening, psycho and physio therapy free of charge. Our week there flew by, i wish it had never ended. Hopefully, one day i'll drive around that bend in the road a few miles south of SLO and look out over beautiful Pismo Beach again. i know the timeless surf is rolling, breaking and thundering there every minute, always will be... perfect.